Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do your illustration services cost?

It depends entirely on your needs – no client or illustration job is ever the same. For each illustration project I listen to the client’s specifications and ask questions so I can make an unique proposal for them.
A starter, for perspective: My prices start at three figure sums.

2. How long will the project take?

This, too, depends. A detailed book cover illustration might take 2 weeks, but if needed can be done in just 1 week or less. A part of the time depends on the client too: he or she often looks at sketches and concepts for approval before I continue work.

3. What is the procedure for an illustration job?

For small jobs in Germany: An e-mail suffices as a contract – I write an offer, the client accepts it, I send sketch(es) for approval, then the final work plus invoice to the client.

For large jobs in Germany: The client and I sign a contract that outlines all important terms; I take 50% of payment upfront, send sketches and line drawings for approval, finalize the work and send it with an invoice for the remaining 50%.

For small jobs outside of Germany: The client and I sign a contract that outlines all important terms, I take 100% of payment upfront, send sketches for approval, finalize the work and send it to the client.

For large jobs outside of Germany: The client and I sign a contract  that outlines all important terms, I take 50% of payment upfront, send sketches for approval, finalize the work and send it to the client with an invoice for the remaining 50% of payment.

There are sometimes variations and differences in the procedure depending on the job and the client, but for each job I make sure that the terms are clear in the beginning:
What the client pays and receives, how long the job takes, how many work-in-progress images the client receives for feedback, how many minor and major changes are included, what usage rights are granted; etc.

4.  I live in a different country, can we still work together?

Of course! :) Thanks to the internet this has become very easy. I’ve worked with clients from the USA, Austria, Israel, Canada, UK and others.

5. Can I put one or more of your images on my private website?

You may publish up to five of my images, in a non-altered state, on your personal, non-commercial website or blog. Please add my name and portfolio link:

Illustration by Kristina Gehrmann – www.kristinagehrmann.com

6. What does it cost to use your work commercially / to license it?

It depends entirely on the size of your enterprise, number of images you want to license, duration and purpose of the license. Please contact me at kristina.gehrmann@gmail.com – I look forward to learn more about your project and will send you an individual proposal.

7.  Do you work for free?

Yes – for my own personal work. A love for painting and excitement about stories is what got me into illustration in the first place. It is very unlikely that your idea is going to be more attractive to me than my own. Precisely for that reason I understand fully how passionate you are about your project, and recommend that you use crowdfunding like Indiegogo or Kickstarter to raise an illustration budget for it. If it’s truly got potential and if you put your heart and work in it, you will find an audience!

8. Do you sell prints of your work?

Yes, on Etsy!

9. What tools do you use for making your paintings?

I started with Painter 4 and Adobe Photoshop Elements which were easy and cheap to obtain for me in the past when I was a high-school student. Back then, I used an Aiptek graphics tablet. The past few years I’ve been working with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and a Wacom Intuos 4 A5 tablet.

10. Where else can I follow your work?

I regularly post news on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kristina-Gehrmann-Illustration/217959828256642
Or check out other online galleries where I post my work:

You can also subscribe to my mailing list.

11. Would you give me personal feedback or advice?

With pleasure! I have received a lot of help from professional illustrators and my „idols“, too. Simply contact me at kristina.gehrmann@gmail.com
Just make sure, please, that your question is concise and to the point, and not hidden in a wall of text. Keep in mind that the more specific it is, the more specific my answer will be. You might also want to read my blog first, to see if your question hasn’t been answered there already. And I’d love to hear from you again, if I’ve been able to help!

12. Where should I go to art/animation/illustration/concept art/design school?

I only attended one school, Angel Academy of Art, in Florence, Italy, and completed a course in classical drawing and painting. That’s my entire formal art education. I have no degree. I wrote about my experience at Angel Academy of Art here.
I don’t know anything about other schools! I’m sorry I cannot tell you which schools will teach you what you’re looking for, in which country they offer degrees in which areas, and which of them is right for you, and whether you need a degree at all.  Only you can decide which path to pursue, this is a very personal decision no stranger can make for you.